Oslo, Norway

Apparatjik - Day of the Dead


Apparatjik Day of the Dead



Day of the Dead was a collaborative performance by Apparatjik, Concha Buika and Void at Festspillene i Bergen 2016. Through a series of real-time generated audio-, midi- and motion-reactive layered projections, a unique visual narrative was created to accompany the band's performance. This one-time event was created as an interactive experiment, investigating strategies for creating a full-length opera celebrating the life and death of the artist Julia Pastrana.

To generate a volumetric landscape of visual effects, pieces of translucent fabric was suspended from the ceiling above the stage, effectively creating a 3d-canvas that was meticulously re-mapped virtually using custom built software. Combining fog, smoke, front- and rear-projection with custom made dmx lighting fixtures created a flexible world of ever changing graphics emphasising the underlying story communicated by the bands performance.

Cinematography, editing and grading by the immensely talented guys over at TYD Filmproduksjon

Music by Apparatjik

Photos by Thor Brødreskift