Oslo, Norway






Flyt ("Flow") is the name of the business philosophy and holistic concept of property management firm Braathen Eiendom. Through infrastructure and modular systems, they facilitate a high degree of flexibility for their tenants. Referencing this, Void has developed signage, graphics and installations that have their origin in a strict rectangular grid. Animations based on physical fluid simulations add an organic expression symbolizing the flow and seamlessness that Braathen offer their customers.This installation is the luminous centerpiece of the skybar at Queen Eufemias street 8 in the Oslo financial district. The eight meter long luminaire gives ambiens to what is both a cafeteria and event space. The view of the Oslo fjord and some of Norway's most ambitious projects - the Opera and the Edward Munch museum - frame the piece, which is visible from several key locations in the city.

Fyr ("Lighthouse") is a steel grid carrying 54 vertical fixtures of borosilicate glass and LEDs. The lights make up a 3D raster, allowing spacial fluid animations controlled by a custom built software to be shown. The installation is designed and developed in-house, with specially designed high-quality LED-fixtures giving off a warm glow that harkens back to the age of incandescent lighting. The rigid structure of the glass disperses the light referencing crystal chandeliers, in a dynamic, digital, modern and high-end update.