Oslo, Norway

Photon - Uncontaminated 2016





Photon is a site-specific light-installation created as a spacial experiment, challenging the way we look at and experience art. Rather than treating the gallery space as an empty container, white walled, brightly lit, agnostic to the works being exhibited, Void seeks to create a dynamic, ever-changing environment for art to be experienced in. Inspired by the smallest constituents of light itself and it’s unpredictable behaviour when closely observed, Photon investigates the power of light and movement, to drastically change our perception of the the world around us.

Photon was installed as part of the Bjarne Melgaard/Bob Recine exhibition, curated by Rod Bianco Gallery, at the Uncontaminated festival in Oslo in 2016. Featuring live generated soundscapes and generative ambience by Bendik Baksaas and Kristoffer Eikrem.

Video by Wordup Projects